Cubadak Island

Paradiso Village constitutes of 13 bungalows; one suite; one restaurant with annexed kitchen, boutique and reading area; a peer with terrace and bar; a house for the personnel and some minor constructions. All the buildings, except the kitchen and the personnel house, are made of wood and covered by roofs made from palm leaves.There are 10 guest cottages, all in front of the sea. The furnishings, made of rattan, carpets, tablecloths and blankets, are hand made and the walls are decorated with antique Minangkabau wood carvings and clothes.Each cottage is composed of a veranda, upper bedroom with mosquito net, a living room which can be transformed into an extra bedroom with 2 beds and a big bathroom with hot and cold water.The beach extends over 1.5 km and the land occupied by the Village is around 7 hectares. The maximum capacity of the Village is 27 guests. There are 4 Italian managers and 10 local workers.Electricity is supplied by solar panels furnishing DC 24 volts but every cottage is provided also with AC 220 volts for the use of normal appliances.


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